When will WE get Volt Broadband?

Oct 27, 2022

“When will WE get Volt Broadband?”

“Why doesn’t Crowville ALREADY have Volt Broadband?”

“We STILL don’t have Volt Broadband in Bee Bayou!”

“I guess Kilbourne will be the LAST to get Volt Broadband!”

“All the money will have run out BEFORE Oak Grove gets Volt Broadband!”

“I thought Gilbert was NEXT on the list to get Volt Broadband!”

We get questions like this every day, and we hear you! For far too long, Northeast Louisiana has been ignored by the big internet providers. We’re working to change that now, but it won’t happen overnight.

We get it, you’re ready for your community to be hooked up TODAY! But this is an enormous project — one that nobody else has had the courage to tackle, until NELPCO understood the benefit to our members. We brought electricity to this area over 84 years ago, and now we’re working to bring you ultra-fast fiber internet, endless streaming television options and crystal-clear phone services. We are your neighbors, family and friends and we’re proud to serve the communities we live and work in each day.

To answer your questions, if you are a NELPCO member, the answer is YES, you will be served by Volt Broadband — and soon! While we don’t yet have an exact timeline for each area, we are in full construction and pre-construction phase in all areas, and we now have 200 customers in the Log Cabin area. Due to the way internet backbone core structures work, we have to start in areas that have access to these interstate mainline connections. We do also consider demand based on pre-registrations in an area to know where the need is greatest. You can help us by spreading the word to your family, friends and neighbors to pre-register at VoltBroadband.com/signup and that will help us prioritize where it’s needed most. Regardless, if you’re a NELPCO member, this project should be completed in less than 20 months, and all of our member areas will have access to Volt Broadband fiber internet service. Thank you so much for your patience!