Project Update for Friday, January 13, 2023

Jan 13, 2023

Construction of the Volt Broadband fiber-to-the-home network continues to ramp up throughout the NELPCO service territory following the holiday season. At this point, over 2,500 accounts have pre-registered for the service, and that number increases daily.

In the Baskin 2 feeder area, which encompasses the area west of US 425/LA 15 from the Mangham area to the Liddieville community, construction is now complete and installs will begin in mid-February for the 540 pre-registrations received so far.

Construction continues in the Baskin 3 feeder area east of US 425/LA 15 from just north of Winnsboro to the LA 132/Union Church area north of Baskin. This process, which includes hanging of the support wire followed by the attachment of the fiber, is approximately 20% completed.

Because of both demand and area to cover, a number of additional construction crews have been moved to the area by the contractor to expedite this construction process.

Clearing for new poles and fiber drops also continues along LA 854, as well as along LA 132. This work includes tree trimming and vegetation control, which is a critical component of getting the fiber system in place for our members.

Make ready has also progressed into the Chickasaw area and points north toward the Arkansas line to get the system ready for construction.

All construction work in the Log Cabin area near Bastrop has been completed and individual service installs continue. By week’s end, over 450 customers will have Volt service and, with over 200 scheduled for installation, we are feverishly working each day to keep this process moving forward.

The “take rate” for the Log Cabin area near appears to be approximately 40% of potential customers, which exceeds initial planning expectations.

Volt Broadband officials remind potential customers that the overall design of the fiber system follows the basic electrical distribution network, and is sized based on the number of locations served with electricity out of a NELPCO substation.

Based on that number, a “hut” is placed at or near the substation to serve as a hub or collection point for each of those locations served. The fiber cables feed from the hut and follow the electrical distribution feeders to various points along the way, and fiber taps are strategically placed for connecting each location served.

Distance is a key factor in how and where these fiber cables and taps are placed, and the maximum distance an end location can be from the hub is roughly 37 miles. Because of that, locations that may be served electricity from a particular substation may need to be served fiber for their internet from a different substation hut that may be closer.

As a reminder, a second point of delivery to the internet is in place that affords Volt Broadband a valuable backup, which will allow for reliable service for our customers.

We understand and appreciate your level of excitement surrounding the project, and continue to ask for your patience as we work through the process. We also encourage our members to pre-register at, and watch for news and information regarding this exciting new service for our NELPCO members.

Make sure to follow us on social media for more updates. You can also call our office at 318.728.1022 and select option 4 to hear a recording of our weekly project updates. And if you haven’t pre-registered yet, do so today at