Streaming TV

With Volt Broadband, having a cable or satellite TV bill can be a thing of the past! Sports, news, shows, movies, documentaries — you can have it all with streaming TV, at a much more affordable cost.

What is streaming TV?

Put simply, streaming TV is entertainment transmitted over the internet instead of a cable or satellite box. With our reliable internet, you can stream your favorite TV channels, shows, movies, documentaries, and more — live or on demand. Using a streaming device or smart TV, you can watch services on your TV, or you can stream them on your computer or mobile devices.

How does Find My Bundle work?

Answer a few questions about your lifestyle and viewing preferences. Input your zip code. Select your must-have live TV channels, and Find My Bundle will present the best streaming TV service(s) for you to replace cable TV. Enter your email if you’d like a copy of your results, or go ahead and sign-up for the service(s) that best matches your needs and budget right there.

Can I get the same channels I watch now without the set top boxes or huge cable bill?

Yes you can! There are many Live TV streaming options available today, but they each have their own channel lineup and features which makes this whole process pretty confusing. That’s why we partnered with MyBundle.TV to provide you the Find My Bundle tool, which will help you find which one is best for you! Not only will we help you figure out which service has the channels you want, we will also recommend replacement options for channels that may allow you to choose a smaller bundle and save even more money.

What’s a Smart TV or streaming device? Do I need one?

If you’d like to enjoy streaming content on your TV, you’ll need a Smart TV or streaming device. A lot of newer TVs come equipped Smart TV capabilities, which allow you to connect your TV to your Wi-Fi network or modem and access streaming service apps. Alternatively, a streaming device such as a Roku, Amazon’s Firestick, Apple TV, or Google Chromecast, will turn your TV into a Smart TV. With a simple interface, streaming devices allow you to use streaming apps and watch your favorite shows and movies.

Why should I switch to Streaming?

Cable TV is constantly getting more expensive and often includes more channels than you actually watch. With Streaming, you can enjoy the same content and channels you’re used to in a more affordable package. Beyond live TV, with streaming you can access low-cost or free streaming services that offer movies, shows, and documentaries that match your interests. Streaming also provides you the ability to watch your favorite content wherever and however you want.

What is MyBundle.TV?

We’ve partnered with MyBundle to help simplify your streaming TV experience because we know it can be confusing. MyBundle’s suite of free tools help you eliminate all the work needed to find the streaming services that have the content you actually want. Whether it’s finding a replacement for cable or satellite with the channels you need, discovering new streaming services that match your interests, or deciding what to watch next — MyBundle can help. (And save you hundreds of dollars and hours in the process!)

Are you ready to explore Streaming TV?

Save money

The average Live TV streaming bundle is 50% less than your old cable TV.

Waste less

Stop getting charged for channels you never watch.

Watch anywhere

Watch from all your devices at home and on the go.

Eliminate fees

What you see is what you pay for. No hidden, extra fees your cable company loves.

No contracts

Cancel anytime with monthly billing.

Dump the big box

Watch directly through your Smart TV or Streaming devices.

Find out what services are available at your address.