Is MyBundle a Streaming Platform?

Oct 25, 2022

As the streaming entertainment world continues to grow and expand, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. On-demand apps, live streaming TV services, movie and music apps—the options and choices go on and on!

And you may even wonder if MyBundle is a streaming platform to add to the list of other apps and platforms you already have.

Well, actually, MyBundle is not just another streaming platform. In fact, it’s not a streaming platform at all! Instead, MyBundle and its innovative features and tools take your streaming experience to the next level—and help you organize and keep track of your streaming entertainment in one place!

And thanks to Volt Broadband’s high-speed fiber technology, you can rest assured that your internet and the endless hours of entertainment you’ve come to expect will be there for you.

So if MyBundle isn’t a streaming platform, what does it do? Let’s look at some of the many ways that MyBundle helps you get the most out of today’s streaming entertainment options.

MyBundle Streamlines Your Streaming Experience

MyBundle simplifies your streaming experience. Loaded with unique features and advanced search tools, MyBundle has just about everything you need to discover great content, from live sports to live concerts and nearly every TV show and movie.

Instead of constantly switching between apps and platforms to find the show, movie, or event you’re eager to watch, MyBundle organizes it all in one place for easy, quick viewing. From Master Watchlists to personalized streaming guides to your friends and family “voting” on recommendations for your next binge-watch, MyBundle makes streaming even better. Thus, in essence, MyBundle is your spot for one-stop streaming!

Personalized Streaming Guide

MyBundle’s innovative tools can help you create your own personal streaming entertainment line-up. Its powerful algorithm helps “predict” which shows and movies you’re most likely to enjoy based on your viewing habits and preferences. And because it considers all of your apps, MyBundle’s Personalized Streaming Guide isn’t limited only to what HBO MAX, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or any other streaming app recommends.

For example, if you enjoy mysteries and police procedurals, MyBundle’s tool can recommend similar programs across all of your streaming apps and subscriptions—including some programs you didn’t even realize you can watch! We think this is a great way to discover a British Mystery series, which can be quite compelling and suspenseful!

Create a MyBundle Master Watchlist

If you’re like most streamers these days, you probably have watch lists across your streaming apps. And if you’re at all like us, you can barely remember which apps have the shows you can’t wait to watch! And it can get annoying and frustrating to log in and search through all of your apps looking for the program you’re in the mood to watch.

MyBundle lets you establish a Master Watchlist across all of your apps. With the Master Watchlist, you don’t have to fumble with your remote, wasting valuable viewing time logging in and out of different apps. Instead, simply click on your MyBundle Master Watchlist and see all of your favorite shows and movies in one list!

Let Your Friends and Family Vote on Recommendations

As cool as MyBundle’s powerful algorithm is for helping you select your next great watch, we know that no one knows you and your viewing preferences like your friends and family. Well, MyBundle has an awesome tool that lets the whole family vote on shows and movies they think you’ll love!

To get started, head to your “Binge List” and then scroll through the content to set up a “Vote List” of programs you want your besties’ opinions on. Then share your “Vote List” with others via social media, email, or text message. Once they open your “Vote List,” your friends and family vote on recommendations on the “Help Your Friends Decide” page—and once they’re done, you can view their recommendations in your MyBundle Profile!

The features highlighted above are just some of the ways MyBundle makes streaming simpler, more convenient, and better organized. Since MyBundle has done all the research for you, you can easily compare options and choose the right balance of apps and services to fit your needs—and spend more time enjoying them!

To learn more about MyBundle and how it streamlines your streaming experience, click here. And be sure to follow Volt Broadband’s social pages for more helpful tips on navigating the web!