Four Cord-Cutting Perks in 2023

Oct 25, 2022

You’ve got fast, reliable fiber internet from Volt Broadband, and are experiencing the pristine picture quality and seamless streaming continuity fiber internet technology provides.

So will 2023 finally be the year that you decide to “cut the cord” and drop cable television? As cord-cutting will save you money and simplify your life, we think it’s high time you consider it.

And through our partnership with MyBundle, you can put yourself in control of your streaming entertainment options and save yourself some money by building a package of streaming apps you will actually use and enjoy.

Below are four perks to cutting the cord in 2023:

Perk #1: Customizable Streaming Content

Cable television providers package hundreds of channels that you know you’ll likely never watch. Indeed, there are so many cable channels today that it’s often impossible to even find the entertainment you want in the first place!

MyBundle is different than the big cable companies because MyBundle puts you in charge. Through their customizable, intuitive app, MyBundle helps you set up a lineup of streaming apps and content-providers that you will actually enjoy.

Movie buff? MyBundle lets you select from dozens of film-streaming sites, from blockbusters on HBO Max and Showtime, to cinema classics on the Criterion Channel.

News Junkie? You can select the 24-hour news sources you want for your MyBundle package. Like diving into history documentaries? You can add Curiosity Stream, National Geographic, and The History Channel on MyBundle. Looking for fitness and wellness? Streaming workouts and yoga routines are also available on apps through MyBundle.

By using MyBundle, you get to choose what you want and don’t have to pay for what you don’t. It’s really that simple.

Perk #2: Ditching Cable Means Less Equipment, Which Means Less Clutter

Have you ever noticed how some homes have mounds—or even mountains—of electronic equipment stacked up near the television? Or that already-limited, precious cabinet space is filled with cable box receivers and endless cords and wires bunched up into a cluttered ball of mess? Perhaps you’ve even noticed this in your own home!

That’s what often happens when you have a separate cable service for television. And all that equipment can get really overwhelming.

One of the major advantages of fiber internet is that you usually reduce the main equipment to just your modem and wi-fi router. That means a separate cable receiver box can go the way of the dinosaurs, along with the extra reams of wires and connectors. And you’ll have less clutter to deal with and more space!

Perk #3: Fewer Bills, Commitments and Contracts

It’s not just the equipment, boxes and wires that heap up when you keep your cable television service—so, too, do the bills, contracts, and commitments!

Because you have fiber internet from Volt Broadband and use MyBundle to choose the streaming platforms you want, you no longer need a separate cable bill. That will help save you money throughout the year. You also aren’t bound by a cable provider’s contract or time commitments. Cutting the cord really can help simply your life, while saving money, too!

Perk #4: Access to Exclusive Streaming-Only Content

2023 is seeing more content that can only be viewed on streaming platforms than ever before. From live sporting events to sweeping serial dramas, exclusive content is exploding on streaming apps.

Thursday Night NFL Football games will be viewable only on Amazon Prime for the fall 2022 NFL season. And the 2022 Winter Olympics will stream just about every Olympic event on Peacock Premium, greatly exceeding what’s available on cable television.

And each year, streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+ are producing critically-acclaimed series and films—and audiences can’t stop talking about them! Must-see series like Amazon Prime’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso, Netflix’s The Crown, and Hulu-Plus’s just-released How I Met Your Father, will only be available by streaming.

So why pay a separate cable bill when cable can’t even provide some of the most-talked about entertainment of the year?

With high-speed, reliable fiber internet from Volt Broadband and your personalized streaming content package from MyBundle, you simply no longer need a separate cable television service—and cable’s burdensome separate monthly bill, receiver box, extra wires, and contracts. And through MyBundle, you get to experience more and more content that is exclusive to streaming platforms, while prioritizing and customizing your content line-up.

And did we mention that MyBundle tools and platforms are completely free? In short, 2023 promises to be the best year yet to cut the cord!

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